We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light
  • Nashua – Ward 4 Special Election

    Nashua – Ward 4 Special Election

    Primary Election: March 28, 2023 Special Election: May 16, 2023 Republican: Joost Baumeister, Nashua (121 West Hollis St) 03060 David M. Narkunas, Nashua (26 Broad St) 03064 Democratic: Marc W. Plamondon, Nashua (78 Elm Street) 03060

  • Discord


    We’ve recently setup a discord server for Nashua Liberty. Pretty low traffic. Get in on the ground floor and stare at blank screens before others are first to see it! This invite link will self destruct in 7 days.  

  • NFT Domain – Just because

    NFT Domain – Just because

    NashuaLiberty.com can now also be reached via NashuaLiberty.crypto for any browser that is capable of accessing the blockchain based domains that can be minted using Unstoppable Domains. For the Chrome browsers, there is an extension that you can install that allows them to access domains created using this technology. It appears that the Brave browser…

  • New Hampshire Liberty Alliance – Bill Review Training

    The NH Liberty Alliance is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. They do this by monitoring bills in the legislative sessions and encouraging private charity, a civil society, and citizen involvement. If you’d like to learn how you can volunteer to review legislation, please sign up for our first bill…

  • Welcome Thomas

    New mover Thomas has offered to help coordinate our ~weekly social. Thanks Thomas!  

  • Liberty Lives in New Hampshire

    The Free State Project just released a new promotional video. If you are thinking about moving to NH, consider the greater Nashua area and plug into the community! This video is hosted on Odysee  – It’s decentralized, censorship resistant and it works!

  • Nashua Curfew Fails

    Nashua business curfew of 9:30 PM failed. The next time someone chides you about “the fallacy of extension”, listen to Alderman Lopez or any politician as they rattle off the prior restrictions as they justify the next small step at destroying what remains of your liberty. Alderman Jette mentioned that since MA passed a curfew,…

  • Nashua Liberty social holiday party – follow-up

    We had our Nashua Liberty social holiday party at a large venue that allowed for plenty of distancing. We raised $160 for David’s House in Lebanon, NH. Thank you to all who attended. Please consider donating.

  • 2020 Nashua – 4th safest city in the country

    We can argue about the rating methodology of course but this recent post from Wallethub finds that overall Nashua, NH is the 4th safest city in the country taking into account multiple factors including risk of n natural disasters. Couple this with a similar story from US News that showed NH as having the lowest…

  • Platforms

    Many people have decided to try alternates social media platforms or technologies as a result of precedented* interference in elections and information sharing. This is all good and we certainly should support such actions. In particular, Nashua Liberty is currently maintaining a presence on Mewe and Parler. We also recommend that you move away from…