NFT Domain – Just because can now also be reached via NashuaLiberty.crypto for any browser that is capable of accessing the blockchain based domains that can be minted using Unstoppable Domains. For the Chrome browsers, there is an extension that you can install that allows them to access domains created using this technology. It appears that the Brave browser will operate without any additional exentions.

For now, at least the way we’ve set it up, this is little more than a toy as the NashuaLiberty.crypto domain is a simple redirect to the ‘traditional’ domain. However longer term, this technology or things like it are likely pretty important. Domain name control is fairly centralized. ICANN  was asked to censor all Russian domains  and while they’ve not done so, ultimately as we’ve seen over the last few years, if a centralized power can do something, it ultimately will do something.

While technology like Unstoppable domains will at first glance appear to suffer from the same problem, the fact that the domain information is stored on a public blockchain based on an open standard means that even if Unstoppable were to ultimately block things at the browser extension level, we’d be able to press forward with other alternate solutions leveraging the same blockchain information.

In any case, at the moment, our use of this is not impressive and if the traditional domain were disabled, you’d still not be able to access this site, but it is a fun start to usage of a decentralized naming system.