Many people have decided to try alternates social media platforms or technologies as a result of precedented* interference in elections and information sharing. This is all good and we certainly should support such actions. In particular, Nashua Liberty is currently maintaining a presence on Mewe and Parler. We also recommend that you move away from the web browser platforms that both don’t respect your privacy and which are likely to be the next attack vector. While there are potentially a few good choices, currently on both the destkop and mobile we are using the Brave browser. While it has a cryptocurrency underpinning (the Basic Attention Token (BAT)) and you may find that you enjoy leveraging that feature, the browser itself is quite good at providing tools to speed up your browsing experience and provides tools to help you manage your privacy and security.

Ultimately centralized platforms like Mewe and Parler are seem likely to be compromised. Better alternatives will be needed in the future. is a blockchain based twitter alternative, and while I use it, it is fair to say that many will simply find it ‘not ready’. One platform that is ready is the LBRY blockchain based platform. While technical users may want to consider using LBRY directly, the user experience of odysee for normal users has become quite good for video sharing, mirroring of youtube content and publishing of podcasts.

The important thing to remember as you pick a new platform is that it is plausible that whatever you pick today will not the the same thing you are using a decade from now. While that is disruptive, it’s ok.


* precedented – this was not an error. In the days before the internet, we all got our news from centralized news sources that told us what to think and made claims of journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting. We had a pretty solid decade of somewhat breaking free from this with the relative freedom of the original internet. That time is drawing to a close. There is certainly precedent for the oligarchy controlling the media we consume and pushing the perspective of the cathedral. What we are seeing is not unprecedented today as much as it is exposed.