We’ve recently setup a discord server for Nashua Liberty. Pretty low traffic. Get in on the ground floor and stare at blank screens before others are first to see it!

This invite link will self destruct in 7 days.


New Hampshire Liberty Alliance – Bill Review Training

The NH Liberty Alliance is a non-partisan coalition working to increase individual freedom in New Hampshire. They do this by monitoring bills in the legislative sessions and encouraging private charity, a civil society, and citizen involvement.

If you’d like to learn how you can volunteer to review legislation, please sign up for our first bill review training session for the 2022 legislative season, at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nhla-bill-review-training-tickets-175371991347

2020 Nashua – 4th safest city in the country

We can argue about the rating methodology of course but this recent post from Wallethub finds that overall Nashua, NH is the 4th safest city in the country taking into account multiple factors including risk of n natural disasters. Couple this with a similar story from US News that showed NH as having the lowest property crime in the country and 3rd lowest violent crime rate and its not too bad. Of course, statistics don’t matter if you are the unlucky victim of a crime. So, please train and carry a firearm everywhere that it is legal. In NH, that’s pretty much close everywhere – without a permission slip.

Source: WalletHub


Many people have decided to try alternates social media platforms or technologies as a result of precedented* interference in elections and information sharing. This is all good and we certainly should support such actions. In particular, Nashua Liberty is currently maintaining a presence on Mewe and Parler. We also recommend that you move away from the web browser platforms that both don’t respect your privacy and which are likely to be the next attack vector. While there are potentially a few good choices, currently on both the destkop and mobile we are using the Brave browser. While it has a cryptocurrency underpinning (the Basic Attention Token (BAT)) and you may find that you enjoy leveraging that feature, the browser itself is quite good at providing tools to speed up your browsing experience and provides tools to help you manage your privacy and security.

Ultimately centralized platforms like Mewe and Parler are seem likely to be compromised. Better alternatives will be needed in the future. Memo.cash is a blockchain based twitter alternative, and while I use it, it is fair to say that many will simply find it ‘not ready’. One platform that is ready is the LBRY blockchain based odysee.com platform. While technical users may want to consider using LBRY directly, the user experience of odysee for normal users has become quite good for video sharing, mirroring of youtube content and publishing of podcasts.

The important thing to remember as you pick a new platform is that it is plausible that whatever you pick today will not the the same thing you are using a decade from now. While that is disruptive, it’s ok.


* precedented – this was not an error. In the days before the internet, we all got our news from centralized news sources that told us what to think and made claims of journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting. We had a pretty solid decade of somewhat breaking free from this with the relative freedom of the original internet. That time is drawing to a close. There is certainly precedent for the oligarchy controlling the media we consume and pushing the perspective of the cathedral. What we are seeing is not unprecedented today as much as it is exposed.


Folding@Home Nashua Liberty Team

Do you have a fairly recent mid-grade to high end graphics card? Join the Nashua LibertyFolding@Home team# 237760.
Configure your client to “I support research fighting: Any Disease”.
Covid-19 is in the mix and getting the hype but even when this is over, you can help research into cancer, Alzheimer’s and others.
Folding@home is a distributed computing project for disease research that simulates protein folding, computational drug design, and other types of molecular dynamics. As of today, the project is using the idle resources of personal computers owned by volunteers from all over the world.
Thousands of people contribute to the success of this project.

Little Free Libraries

The first of the Economics in One Lesson books have been deployed to eight of the Little Free Libraries in Nashua. A copy was placed at each location in the table.

Donations to sponsor this project were received in cryptocurrency in both Bitcoin and Dash. Several of the books include a bookmark with a small amount of Dash that can be retrieved from a paper wallet that will auto-refund to the Nashua Liberty wallet if it is not claimed. This capability was enabled by cryptotip.org.

Thank you to everyone who donated. Follow-up posts will be provided if any of the Dash is claimed and/or when it returns to the Nashua Liberty Wallet.



Date PlacedLibrary CharterSiteAddress
3/22/201960667United Way Greater Nashua20 Broad Street
Nashua NH 03064
3/22/201960673Greater Nashua Dental Connection31 Cross Street
Nashua NH 03064
3/22/201960672Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd214 Main Street
Nashua NH 03060
3/22/201960665Park Social54 Pine Street
Nashua NH 03060
3/22/201960671Lamprey Health Care22 Prospect Street
Nashua NH 03060
3/22/201960668Nashua Rail Trail at West Hollis Street and Pine Street81 West Hollis Street
Nashua NH 03060
3/22/201960676Adult Learning Center4 Lake Street
Nashua NH 03060
3/22/201960646Near Pool2 Cleveland Street
Nashua NH 03060

I believe there are several other locations scattered throughout the city that we’ll visit on the next round.

Getting involved before (or after!) you move

Sometimes people ask how they can get involved in helping New Hampshire before they move to Nashua. One great way would be to join the NewHampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA) or setup a recurring donation to the NHLA Political Action fund or Operations fund.

The PAC fund is used to provide financial support to endorsed candidates for state level offices. These endorsements are based on on the NHLA’s Liberty Rating for incumbents and are based primarily on a candidate survey for candidates without an established voting record.¬† The Liberty Rating is a score card that rates members based on how closely they voted to the weekly publication – The Gold Standard.

The operations fund covers the costs for items such as printing of the Gold Standard – a voting guide that volunteers distribute each week at the state house as well as covering the costs for running their website or other operating costs that don’t map directly to candidates.