Flat Stanley

Recently, we received a large envelope in the mail that was part of a student Flat Stanley project. The intent behind these projects is that students create a small paper avatar of themselves and mail it, along with a list of desired recipients, to a friend or family in a different geographical region. The idea is that each person should take some pictures of the avatar in interesting local venues, and then forward the bundle on to the next person on the list.

Since we did some driving around Nashua and southern NH in general, seemed worth a post. Continue reading  


Nashua Liberty is an informal group of greater Nashua area liberty-oriented locals.

Our events are intended to provide an opportunity to socialize, engage in light-hearted fellowship, and discuss topics of interest. New movers and guests are always welcome!

We typically have a social gathering every Sunday in the downtown Nashua area. People start arriving around 6pm.

Please check our facebook group for up to date changes to the venue.