Month: December 2020

  • Nashua Curfew Fails

    Nashua business curfew of 9:30 PM failed. The next time someone chides you about “the fallacy of extension”, listen to Alderman Lopez or any politician as they rattle off the prior restrictions as they justify the next small step at destroying what remains of your liberty. Alderman Jette mentioned that since MA passed a curfew, […]

  • Nashua Liberty social holiday party – follow-up

    We had our Nashua Liberty social holiday party at a large venue that allowed for plenty of distancing. We raised $160 for David’s House in Lebanon, NH. Thank you to all who attended. Please consider donating.

  • 2020 Nashua – 4th safest city in the country

    We can argue about the rating methodology of course but this recent post from Wallethub finds that overall Nashua, NH is the 4th safest city in the country taking into account multiple factors including risk of n natural disasters. Couple this with a similar story from US News that showed NH as having the lowest […]