Nashua Liberty – Confused Historians Edition


6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

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Most people know that many of our events get a lame theme based on a date in history with some sort of relationship to economics, liberty, etc.
While looking for today’s, I saw the image used for today’s banner on

The problem is, the Star Trek pilot did not have George Takei in it or for the most part, any of the original characters – except for a slightly angry Spock.
So had they used Nemoy (clearly a more iconically related character) or Majel Barrett (Nurse Chapel in the original series – “Number One” in the pilot) it would have made sense. They could even have gone with Shatner – still alive, just went to space and clearly more famous – but no – they go with George Takei.

I suppose its better than having gone with Wesley Crusher…

Wow that’s a lot of words to say I’m probably slightly autistic…